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Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself..

Wolf Scat
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Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself.. Empty Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself..

Post  Giggles Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:09 pm

Real Name: Shane (yea like the movie)

Call Sign: Silencer, Giggles, Joker, Psycho Clown What ever I probably won't answer anyway

Age 44, Married, 2 kids

More years Military than Schoolin now it's in my blood and there to stay. Hard headed so just agree with me and get it over with. Always right even if i'm wrong. Will trust about anyone but you only get one chance so don't blow it. Don't like people who Lie. Will tell the Truth even if it Hurts so don't ask. Will Lead if no one is worthy to take the position. Rather work alone (less dead wait to carry and wait for) .......

Started playing with the Ghostwalkers in Early 2006 when Preacher talked to Ivan and Mario and the Ghostwalkers came out to play at California Crossing been hooked ever since there my kinda of Paintball Players (they just want to have fun)

Favorite Ghostwalker to Shoot at is Mustang (he yells louder).

Favorite saying HaaaaaHaaaaaaHaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(NOTE: if Im not Laughing you better be Running !)

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Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself.. Empty Re: Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself..

Post  WildCat Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:47 pm

Name: They call my WildCat, Cat, Kitkat, ZombehCat, Brandy, Branders, Brander Dander, Brandy Dandy... I'll just stop there...
Age: 22

I just like to shoot people and be around people that don't take the game too seriously. Plain and simple. I started playing back in April of '07 when I went to an SMS with a few of my buddies from band. If GiGGles hadn't asked me to join the Ghostwalkers I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to play much more (I don't think I ever actually thanked you for that by the way... So, thanks)... Smile
I play as often as I can (which isn't nearly often enough..) Paintball is my preferred hobby, but I also love video games (Xbox is my preferred console), D&D, drawing, reading, hanging out with friends and family, sleeping, eating, swimming, being outside in general... and I'll stop while I'm ahead here haha...

Favorite Ghostwalker to shoot at is GiGGles... I'll get you one of these days. :p

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Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself.. Empty Re: Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself..

Post  Wolf Scat Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:33 am

Real Name: Aaron Wolfe
Call Sign: Wolf Scat
Age: 25

I first started playing paintball back in december of 2007, had a strong basis in speedball over at an indoor field called gatsplat. I always had a strong interest in guns, and the adventure into paintball felt like a wonderful way to experience a more competitive level without the violence that firearms could represent. I grew into the shoes fast, learning by myself how to fix these paintball guns, learning about plumbing, more in depth teamwork and pushing myself harder in a new environment. I have spent a lot on different gear, whether it to be an experiment, or because it impressed me so much.
My other hobbies include video games, reading, researching different topics whether they be random or not, and many other things I have fun with that are not with me at the moment.

Favorite ghostwalker to shoot at... just dont be on the other side, I take pleasure in anyone that finds my neon colored gelatin capsules!
Wolf Scat
Wolf Scat

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Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself.. Empty Re: Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself..

Post  MasterChief Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:13 pm

Real Name: Austin McGee
Call Sign: Master Chief, or just Chief, and "holy {Beep} whered u come from!"
Age: 26

Started playing back in 98 with my uncle and his friends. We started with slingshots and sun glasses. After about a year playing at least twice a month we decided to get a marker. I got the only thing i could afford at the time, a Brass Eagle Talon, , , i did better with the sling shot. After that i was hooked, bought my first Tippmann in 03 and stayed with it. Met the Ghosties one day out at DFWAP and gave someone a call. After i went to sms for the first time i knew they were the group i wanted to shoot at. So now i shoot when i can when im not working, or even when im working.

Fav Ghostie to shoot at, Spex, not only do he scream like a girl, but he cries a little to. Twisted Evil

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Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself.. Empty Re: Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself..

Post  RocketMan09 Thu May 05, 2011 7:58 pm

Real Name: Robert Timmermann
Callsign: if I told you that, I'd have to kill you
Age: 24

I started playing back in '05 when my ROTC unit held a paintball tournament between the various outfits within it. I've been hooked ever since. Truth be told, I will only play scenario or milsim type games with the occasional walkon but no speedball/hyperball/whatever you want to call it. I recently moved to the DFW area and have been looking to join a dedicated group of individuals who play hard, have fun and are a reputable group to be around. On the field, I will pick up just about any role and run with it but mostly I am the calculating individual that likes to move around the flanks and hit the opposing team from the sides or rear.

Off the field, I'm a recent grad from Texas A&M with a degree in Aerospace Engineering (that makes me a rocket scientist to those uninformed) and I came to the DFW area to start a job and a new life. Originally from South Texas, I'm not used to all this green and the traffic but things are changing quickly. I look forward to shooting with y'all.


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Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself.. Empty Re: Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself..

Post  RematoreW Mon May 09, 2011 8:26 pm

Name: William Rematore
Callsign: Rapid or Tiger

I have my good friend Laurence to thank for getting me into the sport. Started playing around October 2010 and can't get enough. Who knew it'd ever be legal to shoot people for a small entry fee Smile
Met Austin up at dfwap who was quick to give my friend and I suicidal missions at WWS which we executed the best we could.
At Pegasus Bridge we met up with Mustang and Preach, along with Aztec and the gang. Got a nice little setup going and I reckon it's going to loads of fun shooting with you guys. Happy hunting.


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Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself.. Empty Re: Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself..

Post  LDavis Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:55 pm

Name: Laurence Davis
Call-Sign: E-10 (Execute-10) or Nightmare Lion

Im a friend of Austin McGee and I ve been playing at DFWAP for about a year now but playing paintball since I was in 6th grade. I started with speedball playing for a field call Paintball USA in Simi Valley CA... now Im a scenario/woodsball addict Ive played most of the scenarios at DFAWP since last year excluding maybe one. Recently Ive been playing a scout/recon role along with my buddy William (beware of the bushes!). I also particapated in DDAY 2011 which was my first game playing under the Ghostwalker banner tho I have played several scenarios with Aztec, Mustang, and Preacher. I play the way the Ghostwalkers play so I find myself right at home with them I often find myself Austin's plaything when he organizes games ... he likes to send me on suicide missions as much as I like to take them and theres no terrain the deters me including that lake. My favioret thing about the Ghostwalkers is the motto "No Quarter None Asked None Given" which is one that sits very well with me.


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Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself.. Empty Re: Welcome Matt.. Introduce yourself..

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