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Who we Are.........

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Who we Are......... Empty Who we Are.........

Post  Giggles Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:01 pm

Your team stalks its prey. Ragged breaths rasp through your masks, sunlight dapples your lenses. After clearing a field and trail, you move forward, scanning the brush for opponents.

Suddenly, your rear guard is hit. You spin to cover and take a round yourself. Your forward is out. Your flank is hit.

As your team stands there confused, a bush stirs, and stands. A clump of grass in the fields gets up. A stump steps away from the tree line. Your opponents wave as they melt into the woods.

Only the paint dripping from you and your team shows where you faced the Ghostwalkers.

The Ghostwalkers are a Scenario Paintball Team based out of the DFW Metroplex in Texas; we are practitioners of the Martial Art of Gun Fu, which is a martial science tested by ordeal rather than useless repetitive practices in a small room with mats on the floor. We practice against opponents similarly skilled and armed in live combat, where your opponent shoots back.

We play hard and have fun whether the game is won, lost, or drawn. It is all about the battle, not numbers or points or items collected; just the glory of the fight. We welcome all who challenge us, and those that just wish to watch and have fun. We care not what your age is, your gender, political affiliation, or whether or not you put beans in your chili.

We ask just one thing: No whiners or pansy sniffing bitchers. We have neither the time nor desire to listen and/or put up with it. It takes away from the game.

So, come one, come all. If you will suit up and hit the field, we will be happy to shoot at you, or with you.

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